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A 社会文化类


1. Some believe that those who are not talented in language learning should not be required to learn a foreign language. Do you think school should require students to learn a foreign language?

有些人认为,那些没有语言天赋的外语学习者不需要学习外语。 你认为学校应该要求学生学习外语吗?

2. Some people still value artists in today's advanced society of science and techonology. Why do you think? Are arts as important as science and technology?


3. Multicultural societies, where people of different ethnic groups live together, can bring more benefits than drawbacks to a country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


4. The museum should be admitted free of charge. Do the disadvantages outweigh advantages of this issue? 

博物馆应该允许免费参观。 这个问题的缺点大于优点吗?

5. Some people think that cultural traditions will be destroyed when they are used as money-making machines aims at tourists, other people believe that it is the only way to save such conditions in the world today. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

有些人认为,如果文化传统被当做面向游客的赚钱机器,那它们将遭受破坏,其他人则认为这是如今拯救这些境况的唯一途径。 讨论双方观点并提出自己的看法。

6. Some people prefer to provide help and support directly to those in their local community who need it. Others, however prefer to give money to national and international charitable organizations. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


7. Some people think young people should follow the tradition of the society. Others think young people should be free to behave as individual. Discuss both view points and give your own opinion.

有人认为,年轻人应该遵循社会的传统。 还有一些人认为,年轻人应该有个体自由。 讨论两个观点,并给出自己的意见。



1. Some people believe that if a police force carries guns, it would cause a high level of violence in that society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

有些人认为,如果一支警察部队携带枪支,那么这个社会就会造成高度的暴力。 你在多大程度上同意或不同意?

2. Some people think that men and women have different qualities. Therefore, some certain jobs are suitable for men and some jobs are suitable for women. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

有些人认为男女有不同的品质。 因此,某些工作适合男性,有些工作适合女性。 你在多大程度上同意或不同意?

3. The gap between therich and the poor is becoming much wider, the rich are richer, the poor even poorer. What problems can the situation cause and give the solutions.

贫富差距越来越大,富人越来越富,穷人越来越穷。 这种情况会造成什么问题,请给出解决办法。

4. The movement of people from agricultural areas to cities to work can cause serious problems inboth places. What are the serious problems and what measures can be taken to solve this problem?

从农业地区到城市工作的人员流动都会在两地造成严重问题。 这些严重的问题有哪些,可以采取什么措施来解决这个问题?

5. Some people believe that the support of famous people for international aid organizations can help draw attention to important problems. Others argue that celebrities can make the problems less important. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

有人认为,一些知名人士对国际援助组织的支持,可以引起人们对重要问题的关注。 其他人则认为名人可以使那些问题不再那么重要。 讨论这两个观点,并给出你自己的看法。

6. Some people think that “Vertical City” is better, where people live and work in tall buildings, while others say that “Horizontal City” is better, where there are few tall buildings. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


7. People believe that they should be able to keep all the money they earn and should not pay tax to the state. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

人们认为,他们应该保留所有自己挣的钱,不应该向国家缴纳税款。 你在多大程度上同意或不同意?



1. Some people think that it is better for people to be unemployed than people to be employed but they do not enjoy,to what extent do you agree or disagree?


2. Countries with a long average working time are more economically successful than those countries which do not have a long working time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

平均工作时间长的国家比工作时间没那么长的国家经济上更成功。 你在多大程度上同意或不同意? 

3. Nowadays, older people who need employment have to compete with younger people. What problems do this cause? And what are the solutions?


4. Some people say that professional workers such as doctors, nurses and teachers make greater contributions should be paid more than those sport and entertainment person. To what extent do you agree? 

有人说,像医生,护士和老师这样作出更多贡献的专业工作者应该比那些体育和娱乐工作者得到的报酬更多。 你在多大程度上同意这种观点?

5. Interview is the basic form of selecting procedure for most  large companies. Some people think it is unreliable and there are some other better methods. Discuss and give your own opinion.


6. Is it a good thing for the senior managers to have better salaries than other workers in a company or organization? To what extent do you agree ordisagree?



B 科技类

1. In modern society, it ispossible to go shopping, work and communicate via the Internet without face-to-face contact with one another. To what extent do you think this is a positive or negative development?  


2. Some people think that robots are very important for humans' future development. Others, however, think that robots are a dangerous invention that could have negative effects on society. Discuss both views and give your opinion. 

有些人认为机器人对人类的未来发展非常重要。 然而其他人认为机器人是一种危险的发明,可能会对社会产生负面影响。 讨论这两个观点并给出你的意见。

3. In most countries, with the wide spread use ofthe Internet, people have more freedom to choose to work and study at home instead of travelling to work or college. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

在大多数国家,随着互联网的普及,人们有更多的自由选择在家工作和学习,而不是去上班或上大学。 这样的情况优势胜于劣势吗?

4. Should people use mobile phones in public places?



C 教育类

1. Some people think teaching children different abilities together benefits everyone, others think intelligent children should be taught separately and given special treatment? Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


2. Many students are taught to push themselves to try and be better than other students, rather than work together for everyone’s benefits. Do the advantages out weigh the disadvantage?


3. Some people think schools should teach students to form good behavior in addition to providing fomal education. agree?


4. Some people think that it’s easier for adults to learn practical skills ( such as computer skills ) by themselves; others think that it’s better to learn with a teacher in the classroom. Discuss both sides and give your opinions.


5. To improve the quality of education, people think that we should encourage our students to evaluate and criticise their teachers. Others believe that it will result in a loss of respect and discipline in the classroom. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


6. Some people consider that history is of little or no use to us. Others believe that studying history helps us to know the present. Discuss these views and give your own opinion. 


7. Some people think that young people should be required to have full-time education until they are at least 18 years old. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 


8. Memorization of information by frequent repetition (rote learning) plays a role in most education systems. Discuss the usefulness of this method of learning and its demerits, and give your own opinion.  



D 政府投资与政策类

1. Some people believe countries have moral obligation to help each other, other worry about the aid money cannot get to the poor of thisworld. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion. 


2. Governments are encouraging industries and businesses to move from large cities to regional areas. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


3. Higher education is funded in several ways: all costs paid by the government; all costs paid by students; all costs paid by students with agovernment loan which must be repaid after graduation. What are the advantagesof these options? Which is your choice?

高等教育的资金来源有这几种方式:政府支付一切费用; 学生支付一切费用; 由取得政府贷款且必须在毕业后偿还的学生支付所有费用。 这些选项有哪些优点? 你选择哪种方式?

4. Many people believe that scientific research should be carried out and controlled by the government rather than private companies. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

许多人认为科学研究应该由政府而不是私人公司来进行和控制。 你在多大程度上同意或不同意?

5. In developing countries, some people think governments should introduce new technology to people in order to improve quality of life, while others believe governments should offer free education. Discuss both sides and give your opinion. 

在发展中国家,有些人认为政府应该向人们引进新技术,以提高生活质量,另一些则认为政府应该提供免费教育。 讨论双方观点并提出意见。

6. Some people say that it is a government's responsibility to provide financial support to old people after they retire, while others think that individuals should save money for themselves. What is your opinion?

有人说退休后向老人提供财政支持是政府的责任,有的则认为个人应该为自己省钱。 你有什么意见?

7. Some people think health care should be free for everyone, while others think they should pay medical costs for themselves. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.


8. Some people think that government should decide the subject for students to study in univeristy. Others believe that students should be allowed to apply for the subject they prefer. Discuss both and give your own opinion.



E 媒体类

1. Exposure tointernational media, such as TV, film and magazine, has a significant impact onthe local culture. Do you agree that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


2. Nowadays a large amount of advertising aiming at children should be banned because of the negative effects. To what extent doyou agree or disagree?

现在,针对儿童的大量广告会产生很多负面影响, 因此应该被禁止。你在多大程度上同意或不同意?

3. Some people believe that Children can learn from TV effectively. So children should be encouraged to watch TV regularly both at home and at school. To what extent agree or disagree?



F 环境类

1. Instead of trying to prevent climate change, people should find a way to live with it. To what extent do you agree or disagree.


2. Many countries use fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural, gas) as the main source of energy. However, in some countries people are encouraged to develop the alternative sources of energy (wind energy and solar energy). To what extent do you agree or disagree with this development?


3. Some people think that the amount of noise people make have to be controlled strictly, others say that people are free tomake as much noise as they wish. Discuss.

有些人认为人们的噪音要严格控制,有人说人们可以自由地做出尽可能多的噪音。 讨论这些观点。

4. Some people think governments should focus on reducing environmental pollution and housing problems to help people prevent illness and disease. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

有人认为,政府应着重减少环境污染和解决住房问题,来帮助人们预防疾病。 你在多大程度上同意或不同意?

5. Some people argue that too much attention and too many resources are given to the protection of wild animals and birds. To what extent do you agree or disagree?



1. Some students take one year off between finishing school and going to university in order to travel or to work. Do youthink the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?


2. As countries develop, their populations tend tolive individually or in a small family unit. In your opinion, what causes this and what are the effects on society?


3. Some people think everyone should be avegetarian, because we do not need to eat meat to have a healthy diet. To whate xtent do you agree or disagree? 


4. Some people think that family life and parents have great influence on children's development, while others consider that external influence plays a more important role inchildren's life, discuss both views and give your own opinion.


5. Some people think that success of life is based on hard work and determination, but others thinkt here are more important factors like money and appearance. Do you agree ordisagree with this statement?. 


6. In many countries women are allowed to take maternity leave from their jobs during the first month after the birth of their baby. Do advantages outweigh disadvantages?


7. In many cities an increasing number of people don’t know their neighbors and they seems no longer develop any sense of community.


8. Some working parents believe children centres can provide best care for children, while others think of other family members like grandparents can do this job. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.



H 犯罪类

1. A recent newspaper article reports that a 14-year-old boy who seriously destroyed his school got a punishment to clean streets instead of sent to the prison, do you think this is right? or the young criminals should be sent to the jail.

最近的一篇报道称,一名严重破坏他的学校的14岁男孩,最后被惩罚去打扫街道而不是被送进监狱,你认为这是对的吗? 或者年轻的罪犯应该被送进监狱吗?

2. There is an increasing amount of anti-social behaviours and lack of respect for others. What are the causes of this problem and what are your solutions?



I 旅游类

1. Many developing countries are currently expanding their tourist industries Why is this the case? Is it a positive development?


2. Currently, some scientists or travelers like totravel to remote natural environment such as the South Pole. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?






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